Pork Butt

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I injected it with a half cup apple juice, then I gave it a yellow mustard rub, used some bad byrons butt rubb from the local harveys then I wrapped it up in some cling wrap and let it set overnight and as for wood i am using a hickory/mesquite mix.
I agree, that is a nice looking butt. Great color on that bark! Looks like you're in for some very good eating. Will you rest it when it's done? If so, what's your method?
I am finishing it up in a 250 oven since the storm clouds are rollin in :( I am gonna bring the internal temp up to 200, wrap in foil then put it in the cooler for hour or so.
Very nice job! It's time for me to head home. Great looking brisket. Enjoy with the family. Until next time...
has a great smokey flavor, and meat just fell apart. I will post my last pics tomorrow morning. I have done many butts and this one was my first injection, with that said I wont ever do another one with out the injection very moist and delicous meat.
That is a good looking Pork Butt. Can you explain that mustard sauce? the glimpse of the meat in 1 pic looked very good to eat, I would have just picked up a bun, 1 slice of that roast, a beer, Football on TV. Wake me when the TV goes off, cause I will not want to be disturbed.
Steve, Excellent job. Makes me wish that I was having pork butt. Since I'm working today, dinner is up to the wife and she's fixing pot roast. What to do, what to do-it's a toss up between a pork butt or a packer brisket for next weekend. It's been a long while since I did my last brisket so I leaning towards that as my choice. :D
I was wondering all the info I have read aboout pulled pork is it takes anywhere from 8 to 12 hours for it to reach 195 in a 180 to 220 degree smoker. and that was for a 6 to 8 pound butt. but mine only took about 6 or seven hours. I had 2 themometers so i know that the temp in the smoker was correct. does any one have any ideas on what happened.
All meats don't cook alike. That's why everyone says to cook by internal temp and not by time. If your meat is a real tender cut to begin with then it may skip the long plateau and will finish quicker. The time thing says 1 to 1.5 hours per pound. If you had a real tender butt and it weighed 6 - 7 # then 6 -10 hrs would be about right.
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