Pork butt / with mustard rub recipe

Discussion in 'Pork' started by slosmoke, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. slosmoke

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    Came across a pork butt recipe.It started out with a mustard rub over night and a step by step on the rest of the way.I cant seem to bring it up.Any help ?
  2. You mean rubbing the meat with yellow mustard prior to adding your dry rub?
    Thats what alot of guys do...but I don't know anything else about a " mustard rub"
  3. Cut and paste the recipe into the body of the message, if you are trying to share a recipe from another source.
  4. ajthepoolman

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    If you are talking about a recipe from this site, then I believe you are looking for Meowey's Basic Pulled Pork. Try that in the search box.

    If that doesn't work, go to the Pork section of the forum and see if it is a sticky. It might be there at the top.

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