Pork Butt Today

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Jul 16, 2006
Northern NY (Adirondacks)
Today is Pork Butt day

I'm on vacation this week - so lots of smoking.

Last eve - rubbed and ready

4:15 AM into the smoker
Smoke to 140F - Hickory today
GOSM temp between 225-245F

Started spraying w/ Apple Juice+Jack Daniels 3 to 1 at 140F and each half hour.

Will cook to 195F - foil - rest for one hour - pull

Will post throughout the day

Pics attached




Looks like you'll have plenty of left overâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]s, sammichs for days. I see maple syrup (?) and some type of jam or jelly (?) there in one pic? Was that just breakfast, or was it used with the pork? I'll be looking through out the day. Good luck...
Great color on those butts, nice lookin' bark too! Are those sausages you added under the butts, soakin' up all the tasty drippings from the pork..?
Those are Hebrew National All Beef Hot Dogs that we had for lunch. I threw a few more wood chunks into the box and smoked them for about an hour. We ate them topped with some leftover Cincinnati Style Chilli. YUM!!

Delicious!! Sweet and tender.

The bones pulled out with no effort. One butt took 14 hours and the bigger one took 15.

A great day.



Meoway, I think you should invite everyone over for some of your Q. Looks awsume. Don't ya love it when you have a great smoke. I never thought of smoking hot dogs. Great looking food.

Be sure to save some of the juice for your sauce, and some of the pork for your beans next time. Good looking butts.
Nice work on those butts, pulling pork is one of the most rewarding tasks after a long smoke isn't it!
Thanks to all for your kind comments!!

Smoke Mack,

I think that country style ribs or a smoked meatloaf are in the offing.

Good job Mowey!! I don't think my Beagles have a bark that good! :P

What's on the Smoke Agenda for the rest of the week??

I think a smoked meatloaf. I have a pound each of ground beef and ground pork. My wife is going to visit her family for the weekend, and I'm thinking of all the meatloaf sammies that are in my near future.

No canines in this household (as you could probably tell by my username and avatar), but we stiil like "bark".

Thanks for the kind words.

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