Pork butt safe to eat? (w/ temp graph)

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I’m actually tired of the threads of this nature. It reckless to cook at 200* in an outside smoker, doable but still reckless, it’s irresponsible to cook at 200* at night then walk away and go to bed. You got what was deserved, IMHO.
Blunt, but accurate. I actually missed the 200F part. I'd never start an overnight cook below 250, and would also never do one without monitoring for an hour or two, and starting the pit 45 min before putting meat in.

Alternatively, I'd start it high, and throw a probe on the surface of the meat (not sure why a surface probe isn't common practice on whole muscle cooks). Once that probe hits 140, game on, go to bed and let the chips fall where they may.

Heck, the first time I tried cold smoking I bundled up and sat outside until 3am in -1 until I was confident I could leave it.
This is on page 3 . Heck , cook it up and feed it to someone . If they don't get sick , make yourself a sandwich .
Simple call for me , if it's mine I pitch it. I also think pushing a probe in pushes bacteria in. Better safe than sorry is an easy call over making someone sick in my book.
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I also think pushing a probe in pushes bacteria in.
Not everyone agrees that putting a temp probe in at the beginning of a long cook is an issue but I don't probe a large piece of meat til I'm 4 or 5 hrs into the cook. I don't really care what the IT is until I'm coming into the stall.
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