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  1. i have read about searing a brisket before smoking. is this advised on a pork butt for added flavor? i figure someone here has some experience with this and could give me some advise.
  2. guvna

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    i've never heard of anyone searing a butt. surely it would add some flavor though... mine have always come out great w/o searing so i've never tried. in fact, i've never seared anything before smoking it.
  3. ronp

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    I do it all the time.
  4. raptor700

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    Never tried searing anything before smokin, But I will try anything one time, twice if I like it !   [​IMG]
  5. i may give it a shot then. just wanted to make sure i wasnt going to ruin a butt in doing so. let it kiss the flames and then the smoke!
  6. raptor700

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    If you try it let us (me)  know how it works. Never tried it....
  7. i think i'm going to do a butt in a week or so. have one in the freezer. i'll be sure to post pics when i do.
  8. I'd wondered that myself, since that IS what you do to any roast before going into an oven or a slow cooker.  I looked at the Boston Butt going into my smoker yesterday and told it "I should sear you."

    Might contribute to better "bark" on the outside?

    Maybe greater moisture retention and a juicier product?

    You might've just created a new "secret" to greater smoking success.
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  9. it's my understanding that searing retaining moisture is a myth but i would think it would add another level of flavor to the finished product. i'm sure its been done a lot as people do it with brisket all the time. one way to find out i guess, [​IMG]
  10. Isn't pork fun??? Good times!!! [​IMG]

    I think that searing the butt would provide a whole new level of flavor... I'm doing a whole shoulder this weekend for a camping trip... I'm going to sear the smaller part and give it a shot... I should have some great pictures for y'all mid next week.

    The only issue i see with this is "to rub or not to rub"... I'm thinking that if I use a rub on it and throw it on the grill to get the sear on it, won't the sugar in the rub burn and leave a crappy taste on it? I love my rub and I love a good bark so this is crucial for me... Do i sear it, then rub it, then smoke it? do i use a rub with no sugar in? Does anyone have any input on this??? This is new territory for me! [​IMG]
  11. realtorterry

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    maybe try the turbinado sugar if your not already?
  12. bearcarver

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    Searing your Pork Butt will give it some extra flavor.

    Backing up to close to the fire will sear your Butt & more than likely cause some pain.

  13. Turbinado Sugar??? Forgive my ignorance but please explain...
  14. Thanks for the heads up, Bear... Knowing me, this is going to be a very real possibility this weekend!!! [​IMG]

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