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Pork butt holding in oven?


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I finished a 10 LB pork shoulder this morning 8-9 hours ahead of serving time. I currently have it wrapped tightly in foil and sitting in my oven at which is set at the lowest temp of 175, the temp probe for the meat it still in. I am worried that the oven will dry the meat out. I’ve used the cooler method before but not for this long of a time. Will the oven work? Or should I pull it and re heat?


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Personally I would pull after a slight rest and reheat SV style. Less rush for later food prep.


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I finish all my briskets in the oven , then hold them at 170 .
Or , I leave the therm in with the oven off and watch the temp . When it falls to 160 or so , I kick the oven on at 170 .
I've never had any issues , but reheating works great to .
If I was going to reheat I would go ahead and pull the meat , add the juice in and seal in a foil pan .

That being said , I did a butt last weekend that we didn't get to eat . I reheated with the SV or you could use a pot of non boiling water , and it's just fine .


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I don’t think you will have a problem with drying out in that 170 range, but more my concern would be mushy meat after such a long hold in that temp range. I agree with Chopsaw on holding in the oven off and watching IT then turning the oven on just long enough to bump temp up then off again. You really only need to hold the meat temp above 140F.


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If you think the 175° might dry out the roast, just cycle your oven every 30 or 45 minutes. If you have a cable probe monitor the actual meat temp. If your oven is well insulated you might need 15 minutes on, then off and monitor the meat temp without opening the door.

I hot held this bad boy for 10 hours in a roaster oven at 150°. I'm going to do a 3 to 4 hour hot hold on a Coppa roast later today.
I broke down just fine and was not over-tender at all. (blade bone and money muscle was removed before this ↓↓↓ photo). The tubes on the left, and the horn muscles are in the foreground.

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