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Pork Burnt Ends?


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Haven't posted any smokes in awhile so here goes.

Been wanting to try something like this for awhile so last night I got some boneless country style ribs and rubbed them with Mad Hunky and into the fridge for the night.

Put them on the smoker with hickory at 9 am. Figured I do a 3-2-1 to start and improvise from there. Yeah, yeah, I know CSRs are strips of the shoulder but 3-2-1 sounded like a good plan.

So after 3 hours, here's what they looked like.

I put them in foil for 2 hours with some apple juice and Captain Morgans. Opened them up and put them back on the grate and started brushing some SBRs cut with the AJ/CM mixture.

After a few coats and about an hour's time they looked like this.

Checked 'em with the Thermapen and they were in the 180s and 190s. So I took them off, cut them into chunks and put them into a foil pan.

Put them back on the smoker with a tad more rub and continued to brush the with the sauce mixture.

By this time -- around 3:30 or 4 pm -- I was having a little trouble keeping the temp above 225°. That diffuser plate really knocks the hell out of burn time. So I took the plate out to get more heat.

Apparently, it's a good idea to remove the 12" thermo before you lift the diffuser plate out lest you bend the thermo.
  In all the ruckus of fixing the thermo and getting the lid back on before the drum ran away, I left the plate on the ground. Tina thought that was just fine.

Anyway, I finally pulled them off at about 5 pm for dinner.

They came out pretty good. The outside didn't get as firm or crunchy as I would have liked but I think a little more heat at the end would have taken care of that. The insides were nice and pulled-pork tender.  Not bad for imitation burnt ends.

Thanks for looking.



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Nice , Had wondered how those would come out.

the dude abides

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Nice "come back" post.  Those may be somothing I'll have to try.  Looks damned tasty.  Good to see something new.


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Ole' Tina was just loving the drippings!  lol Great Qview, thanks for sharing Dave.  


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Looking good
, I love grilling on a UDS myself. How far is the heat from the meat? Looks like it's darn close.


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How far is the heat from the meat? Looks like it's darn close.
The rack that those were cooked on is 24" from the bottom of my charcoal basket.  There is another set of bolts about halfway up the drum that I put an expanded metal grate on sometimes if I'm using the diffuser plate.  Even if I'm not using the plate, I'll sometimes put the grate in anyway.  I did some pork butts on the rotiserie cradle and at one point the butts slipped out but the grate kept them from falling in the coals.  Sometimes I'll set the charcoal basket on the grate to get the fire closer to the cook grate and grill some steaks.

I dont' know why but I just love your UDS !!!
LOL, nice drum.



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Very nice!  I recently made these for a poker party along with spares.  I put a loaf of sliced bread not to it.  I think me and only one other actually made a sandwich, all others put a few on their plate.  I thought these would be better cut a little smaller and put toothpicks in them next time.


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At the End of a smoke if they aren't crisp enough You can always finish Up On The grill at Higher heat for about 5-10 Mins makes for Nice bark

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