Pork Belly Rub?

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Dec 23, 2006
Anyone have any good pork belly rubs for bacon? I have 4 slabs coming out of dry cure tonight and getting them ready to start smoking tommorrow. Not sure yet what to rub them with. I wanted to do maple - but not to happy with the way it went on the dry cure. So I think I will stray away from it for now.
ballagh,I never used a rub on it I just smoke it and its the best bacon I ever ate.I dont know how you cured it but thats where you get your flavor from.I use cure and powdered dextrose and thats it.Ofcourse you must use hickory for smoke which is the traditional taste.Good luck and I hope you enjoy it.Its always a sad day here at the micro ranch when we run out of home cured bacon or ham.David
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