Pork Belly Burnt Ends

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Smoke Blower
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Apr 7, 2011
Eastern Iowa
First time making pork belly burnt ends. Using my WSM with my rub recipe. One chunk of hickory wood, couple chunks of apple and one chunk of cherry. Cubed the pork up, rubbed all pieces and sides, smoked 3 hours and then put into a tray. Tray had one stick of butter, tablespoon of hot sauce, 3/4 cup-ish of brown sugar, un measured amount of honey. Currently on the smoker in the tray covered. Will put more pics up once done. AA874688-DAC2-4DBB-B074-74CB301166C8.jpeg B4E25726-D56E-4776-87CB-76B8279D593C.jpeg
1 hour in the tray with the sugar bomb mix I’ll call it lol. Then I put a mix of my sauces on top. About 3/4 of the sauce was my ketchup based sweet and smoky sauce and 1/4 of it was my vinegar based tangy sauce. Back on to the smoker for 20 minutes to set the sauce up and now resting in the cooler until guests arrive at 6:00 for an impromptu movie night. 6108D680-4A87-4771-8353-A7D4630DC60A.jpeg
Long before the belly burnt ends came on the scene, I made butt burnt ends which are very good. When I tried the full blown belly burnt ends the first time, I followed the celebrity cooks method with the butter and sauce and all the extras.... they were too over the top for my tastes. What I do is treat a pork belly like brisket burnt ends, and the tender step is just some apple juice, a little sauce (maybe a hint of butter) and some seasoning. They still take most of the day to cook, but they are not sugar bombs.

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