Pork and beef?

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Just the usual advice, cook them low and slow about 225-250. Prepare them the night before with a nice rub, wrap them up and let them sit in the fridge overnight.

I usually let my pork cook to 195-200 if I'm going to pull it, spritzing it with apple juice after about 4 hours and foiling it at 165, then putting it back in till it reaches 195, wrap the foil tight, then in a towel and put it by itself in a clean cooler for a few hours to let it reabsorb the juices.

Have fun.
Best advice has already been given except - keep your camera close by.

Don't forget about the plateau - you may be cooking those things for 8-10-12-14 hours. You may want to smoke them the day before and just reheat the day of the event.
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