poor smoke in gosm at low temps

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by sparky30_06, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. When I was smoking some jerky the other week I had a really hard time getting the chips to smoke. I ended up taking the rack that holds the wood chip pan and flipping it over to get it down on the flame. anyone else do anything different???
  2. bassman

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    If you use a foil pan for the chips, you don't need as much flame to get the smoke.
  3. walking dude

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    what are you using for a smoker?

    in my propane, i took the chip pan outta the racks and put right on top of the flame..........it werked then
  4. you might want to find a pan that you can put in there as a test and drill some holes on the side of the smoke box. or when doing low temp smokes like jerky i have to turn my flame down all the way and then even adjust the bottle itself down all the way to hold low temp 150 deg. before i installed temp controll system if i wanted to relight smoke box i would simply open up door about 3 inches and turn burner on full high leave set for about 10-15 min adjusting door accordingly to temps open more too hot and close a little if too cold. then turn burner down to low again and close the door this was the way that i did it before. hope this post was helpfull

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