polling our toy pics

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should we have a special member's pit pics thread ?

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  • my secret weapon shall remain secret

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Might be interesting, if not just to see all the other smokers
I'm with you Chris...liked the album feature we had with the old format...you could put up pics...and if anyone had questions..specific to your set-up...just sen them to your album...
there is no link. about the first of the year, jeff started using this forum format. the old format is not sround anymore, i am sure.
The albums we all had with the old format, didn't seem to transfer to this new forum...I asked a question about it in forum related matters thread...went on deaf fingers..no one answered..lots of great pics .. everyone had there....
Good idea Gypsy, tell me the truth though, was it you, or your sweet wife who thunk it up??? Ah hell, you been nice to me, so, I have no doubt, it was you!
every now & then she allows me to think for myself... btw she's asleep- i'm unsupervised for a bit. p.s. where's the pics of yer pits ??? maybe dutch or monty will find a special sticky home for this thread.
Your wife's asleep, I assume your little one is asleep, your wanderin around by yourself? Lordy, thats gotta be dangerous. I put a picture on the signature box, hope it works. I gotta go fix fence, a calf keeps crawlin the fence into the garden, I just shot the little S.O.B. 4 times with a BB gun when I got him on the other side of the fence. Wait a minute, a win. 300 mag, plus one calf, = BRISKET! I'm gone.
lol i was throwing tennis balls @ ours until i gotthe brightidea to put some cayenne in the spray bottle-that stopped them for a bit. i have a feeling they're now in the meat market as they went to auction last week,
true, but some members have awesome rigs & could answer questions about buying,building,or ordering custom units. like smoky oky's awesome new "beast",or the lang pits......
I agree with you Gypsy. As you know, I built my own rig, I have learned a HUGE amount on how to improve on it, in this forum. Without the input on mods, etc, it would take me 500 years to stumble on the answers myself. Also, pictures are worth their weight on gold, well, at least worth their weight in prime rib. Half the fun of smokin is improving the performance of my smoker. I know, some people are just never satisfied!
I'd actually be interested in 'outdoor kitchens' that are put up around our smokers/grill/toys. Last year we built a patio/pergola and this summer we added cabinets and counter space/fridge. So cooking pits and the surrounding 'kitchen' stuff would be pretty interesting to me :)
I think I'd be kewl. We have some really nice smokers here that can give others ideas for their builds.

I don't know why but I don't remember albums ... CRS maybe
w/ my bro in law's work schedule and mine w/ lil' baby girl...we have an awesome pit coming... just a matter of when..... i think it's a cool thread as people can ask for input & mods. as it is right now- mama is off to town for a few hours & i got miss"fussy bottoms" so i can't so much as answer the phone or get business done.... can ya say gypsy is a bit stressed....sorry to whine to my smf family.....but thats life & trying to get something done... last time i had a newborn i was 24 and uncle sammy kept me busy....sorry again for the whining...
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