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Mar 17, 2007
Peculiar, MO
Hello Everybody, I have a question for you all, this weekend I am going to smoke 3 bristkets the weights are:


I was wondering the best way to smoke these, I have smoked a bunch of singles before but not multiples so I am lost, do you still do it like normal 1.5 hrs per pound, that would be alot of cooking time, do I smoke them for 5-6 hrs then wrap and finish in oven, I was thinking that if I started them at 11-12 friday night and smoked them for 15-16 hrs that they would all cook the same, Please Help........

Thank You,
I would use a digital thermometer with a cable probe that can be inserted into at least one of the briskets. Cook times are not exacts - but more like guidelines. You just can't go by a table that says if you cook this long - you're done.

The temperature probe will tell you when you are at your target temperature internally with at least one brisket and the others should be very close.

I always use temperature over time as a guideline for doneness.
I agree with Watery Eyes........also I foil at 160o and let them babys get up to 200o. ...rotate'm after about 8hrs.....plan on cooking 20 hrs, then if it only has to go 15 ya save 5. Oh and another thing.....take pics of the whole smoke starting with the rub....we love that around here!!!
Again, I agree with Watery Eyes. I would put the probe in the smallest brisket. When ready to foil, you can always insert it into the next size and see what the temp is, and so on.

Just one way to do it.
if you have 3 thermometers to put in the meat, that helps alot. i have 2 digital probe thermos to use for when doing 2 hunks of meat. i would put the thermo in the smallest one. when it is ready to foil, go to the next one up in size, then the third when it is ready. then put it back in the smallest one until it is ready to pull and rest. then the next and so on. that is how i did it when i still had just one thermo. and like was said, take pics! oh yeah, jeff's rib rub and sauce recipes are excellent on brisket.
I can not add much more than what has already been said. But to me the biggest accessory that i got for my smoker was a digital thermometer and i have sure done alot better on the way things come out of the smoker. Invest in a thermometer and you'll be really pleased.

USMC retired.
I must agree with mulitple thermos... One thing I found out is large amounts of meat robs heat I found it a struggle to keep my temps ideal when I did a large smoke. Plan on more fuel unless your gonna gassum.
hhrabovksky21-- You must check all these briskets seperately even if you must move the probe during the cook and check the other ones. While the majority of the time it does seem like the order is smallest to largest in multiple brisket cooks that is not always going to happen. One of the longest brisket cooks I ever had was a very small 7 lb. something packer.

I think this will be especially true in this case because your 3 briskets are so close in weight. Good luck w/ your smoke.

BTW, gypc's advise on time couldn't be better. If you get a quick cook, cooler the briskets and join the party or take a nap. You can hold big hunks of meat like that in a cooler at least 8 hrs. if properly packed and they just get better during the rest.
Thanks Everybody, I guess I should have said this, but I do have multiple thermos with the cords so we are good there and I will be sure to post pics, I just was not sure on how to smoke multiple peices of meat but after all the reading I have a better understanding, also what would be the best way to pack the cooler, I am smoking them at my house then Sat. around 2pm I'm going to the party about 15 miles away with the meat so I warmer I can keep them the better.

Double wrap in heavy duty foil and then wrap an old towel around them. Pack old sheets or towels above and below them in the cooler to fill up the empty air space. Like I said above, you will be fine for up to at least 8 hours this way. Don't use anything the wife will be upset if it gets some brisket juice on them.
Am I the only one that sticks their face in the towels when they come out of the cooler and inhales DEEPLY......

I wish all of my clothes smelled that way...
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