Plastic ceiling light grid or stainless shelf?

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    Now that I have my commercial convection oven in the shop to start making a dehydrator and smoker. I have to ask a couple/few questions.

    If used as a smoker will that ruin it as a dehydrator? As in will the smoke flavor end up in my dried apples?

    If so I also have second option for a dehydrator, that being a small stainless interior dishwasher that the inside measures 17W 19D 13High that may make a better dehydrator if the smoke flavor is a problem.

    For a dehydrator how would one figure out ---about--- how much air exchange is needed, by that I don't refer to circulation within the box but exchange with outside air which will require more heat to keep the temp up where it needs to be. I would like to start with a somewhat close fan size to what might be needed. I also was thinking of making a vent that could be dampened down in size to get the regulation correct for airflow--I am open for suggestions on airflow.

    For heat I plan on using the element that is already in the bottom of the dishwasher hooked to a Ranco controler that will regulate from 80° to 200° for the temp control.

    For shelves I plan on using aluminum slat wall, cut to size and screwed to the sides, with stainless shelves cut to size from a kitchen range----now on top of those shelves I will need something with smaller "holes", and for that I am thinking plastic ceiling light diffusers or should I keep looking for a shelf more like in a Cabelas brand that has stainless wire shelves with smaller "holes" (square holes in this case but you get the point).

    I guess this mostly point to using the dishwasher for the dehydrator, unless someone knows that the same unit will work for a smoker and dehydrator.

    Any thoughts welcome.

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    Can't help but maybe someone will come along.

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