Pit Boss PBV5P2 observations

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Apr 18, 2017
I purchased this smoker about 3 months ago. I’ve run a handful (6) smokes through it and here are my initial thoughts:

- coming from using a propane vertical I feel like I have my life back. I can set the temp and be fairly confident the temp will stay in line to where I set it.

- overall marginal amount of smoke generated from the smoker. I got some better results by using Lumberjack pellets, but still weak smoke flavor.
- I wonder if the speed/strength of the fan is partially to blame. Smoke doesn’t rest long in the smoke chamber.
- It also seems the chimney is generally for appearance only. Screwing it all the way down does nothing to really restrict the flow of smoke out of the unit. I may look to modify this to see if it helps increase the smoke flavor.
- using a smoke tube absolutely helps! I used a smoke tube in my last smoke and the smoke flavor I was missing was finally there-just not strong enough.

- ease of use is amazing. Plug it in, fill the hopper, fill water pan, turn on, set temp. Done.

- cleanup is ok. The grease funnel at the back needs to be cleaned and I need to unscrew it from the back to do that. Not looking forward to that one. The heat shield above the water pan fits awkwardly as does the water pan. They both directly contact the grease funnel. Seems like not a great design.

Final thought-I wish I could adjust the fan speed, or it would ramp up/down based on temp and why have a chimney that is essentially cosmetic? Both of those factors lead to poor smoke flavor and require the use of a smoke tube. Outside of that-this unit is very nice and user friendly.
First I'll say I have never owned or cooked on a pellet grill or smoker, but I have read many times where they just don't produce much smoke flavor in foods. I've also read where smoke tubes help, but it's just the nature of the beast that they don't produce a ton of smoke flavor regardless...
I have the PB1150PS2. I run mine in S mode along with a smoke tube for the first part of my cooks. I fill the tube with wood chips and pellets.
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Shag bark from a hickory tree and some pellets will kick it up
I have a wood burner and pellet grill-smoker. Same, not quite but reasonably close.
If you came from a smoker that uses smoldering wood chips then you may be tasting a cleaner wood flavor that is not as harsh as smoldering wood chips.
I smoldered wood chips iin an electric smoker for years before learning this lesson.
I suggest you also stick to stronger wood smoke like Hickory pellets or maybe Bear Moutain Chop house blend.
Avoid fruit woods like apple cherry, and so forth. They have a very mild smoke flavor.
I do not use smoke tubes.
Don't wrap.
Don’t need a water pan in a pellet smoker
Why do you say that? The water pan, I believe, ensures the chamber isnt too dry and also serves to help keep the temperature under control.
Why do you say that? The water pan, I believe, ensures the chamber isnt too dry and also serves to help keep the temperature under control.
If we were talking about a stick burner you’d be correct. Pellet smokers run a full time fan and the controller keeps the temps set and steady. Water pans in a forced air system are not needed and do absolutely nothing except take up precious cooking space
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