Pig in the ground,beer on ice

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Jul 14, 2006
The beer on ice part we have pefected, pig in the ground we need help.
Freind called and wanted me to find out how we do a pig in hole in the ground.I have done a couple in my smoker, have no idea how to do one in open pit.
Have any of ya ever done one in the ground that could offer some help?
Thanks Debi, but i'm looken for something a little more main land, possibly some thing caraline-ish.
I thought a bout a monster grill grate setting over a burning hole in the ground, but i don't think he wants to spend a lota money on a big chunk of expanded metal, not sure what we will do.
the hole part is easy- ya need some non-exploding(different story)heat rock or line the pit w/ coals- wrap the meat in foil-the hawaiian way is wet taro or banana leaves & the stuff in a wet burlap bag or non plastic potato sack.....
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