pictures of weird ABT's?

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bigarm's smokin

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Apr 19, 2007
BigArm MT
Hey y'all, I had talked about ABT's with pepperoncine peppers, stuffed with ezcheese and wrapped with bacon, tried it yesterday with ribs, beef roast, spuds and corn. The peppers are normally mild, these were frickin HOT! The one mistake I made was that I thought that I had bacon, it was TURKEY bacon, that was ok though, actually, it was the best part of the expermint. Why did I get all that heat??
I will try to post a normal size picture. Terry
They look really good Terry!

Emmmmmmmmmm I love pickled pepperoncinis! My sister and I used to take a small jar of them and a salt shaker for recess in grade school!
Hey Gypsy, you know me, I'm just plain lazy. I thought that if they were that mild out of the jar, they would be MILD, period. I learned something! I didn't do anything but inject the cheeze and wrap with turkey bacon. Next time I will open and clean them. I would send you the whole frickin batch, but I don't want you complainin about having the screamin shi*'s
Never thought about using peppers from a jar for ABT. Personally, I hav never had on too hot. Yet. Next time Im gonna wrap a couple of habs just for fun.
Terry -

Did it keep the pickle taste? I might try this - I love Peperoncinis. Bet it was good with cream cheese even hot!
Terry, thought the fire regs had you shut down. Seen where Montana still has 16 fires, so be careful and enjoy the smoked food. Sounds like you have a mistake that you can't eat. Sorry, means you'll have to try again, I guess. Enjoy.
Hey Debi, yes, it still tasted like they do right out of the jar. I'm like you, I love that taste, I like sour stuff,(thats why I like myself) haha. They weren't too hot, just much more so that normal.I didn't use cream cheese, I used that ezcheese in a can, and just squirted it into them, that worked really well! Next time I will do as Gypsy said and gut them first.
I'm thinking of putting cream cheese in a pastry bag. Being pickled there to soft to cut in half and keep shape I think.

I love sour - don't care much for sweet stuff. I get teased all the time for saying "It's to sweet ..." Fresh fruit, cooked carrots and sweet potatoes plain is about all the sweet I like. Almost couldn't take the bacon candy!
Hey Steve, yes you are right. I can't use the stick burner but I found out that a propane unit is still legal. I bought a GOSM and a BBQ Grillware. I gave the GOSM to my neighbor, he loves BBQ almost as much as I do so the smoker was just enough kick in the butt to get him going. The nearest fire to me, 10 miles away, is now just under 100,000 acres.
I am eating the ABT's, they weren't that hot, just more so than normal. Terry
Those look great Terry. Im gonna try some of these. Very nice pic. I like 'em that size.

Woooohoooo.... SUPER ABT's!!!!
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