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Man do they look good! I'm going to have to try that recipe...Wonder how his wicked beans would've been with that, of course instead of your drip pan, let the beans do the catching... :)
Do you have the recipe? I couldn't find it...You probably should've made the subject different, maybe not a lot of people will view the test and they'll miss viewing your awesome cooking job!
Thanks for the note. I used Dutch's recipe in the Pork section. It's the Smoked Stuffed Pork Loin post dated 3/8/06 page 2. Follow that one and you'll see the recipe as well as some more good pix.

I agree that Dutch's beans would probably be great with the loin but my wife also makes a mean batch of beans. We used them (descretion being the better part of valor) along with some outstanding cole slaw and some of the best Brunswick Stew that the world has ever tasted. By the way, I have posted that recipe too if you are interested..... it's the best that any native southerner has ever made or tasted.
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