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May 28, 2006
Ihad pics of my ribs"before and after" I posted.But the pic was way to big.How do I make it smaller...Thanks
I wouldn't bother making it small but instead would suggest that you upload it to ImageShack. They automatically create a link that you can copy&paste a thumbnail for forums directly into your post. That way the board gets a small fast picture with a link to the full sized photo in all its glory. OR you can have ImageShack resize the picture on-the-fly for you as it uploads by checking the appropriate box.
Rick, I use ImageShack for my picture hosting. If you have seen any of my posts with pictures in them you have seen the "thumbnail Pics" that Bob is talking about.
Thanks Bob and Earl.Still working on it.Got my pics uploaded to Imageshack.How do I put it on this Forum
Add Image Shack to your 'bookmarks' or to your 'Favorites' list.

Open your Topic box and add your dialog, then click on your ImageShack Link in your Favorites list. Find the photo you want to add to your post and copy the 'Thumbnail' url code. Click on the back button to return to your opened Topic/Post box. You can either paste your 'Thumbnail' url directly to your post or you can click on the 'Icon' button located above the dialog box (button has two mountains and the sun on it) and follow the prompts. Click 'Preview' and view how your post will look-if you like the way things look click on the 'Submit' button, if not make your corrections then preview and submit. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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