Pics from Da Pigman

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da pigman

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Mar 23, 2007
Cincinnati Ohio
Hopefully these will show you my way




Looking very good pigman. How long does it normally take you to cook one of them. Do you skin them or leave it on. The next one that I smoke I'm gonna have it skined and see how it turns out, should cut down on the cooking time to. Here is a pic of the one I did.

I do them with the skin off and they rotate in the cooker which keeps the juices flowing inside of the pig. 200lb. 10hrs. The gear reduction box is a 900 to 1. Skinned is the only way they sold whole hogs years ago because they were afraid of desease. This also elimanates the mess skining after. I have higher heat under the shoulder because it takes longer to cook.
Pigman, that's great looking food. Thanks for sharing the pics with us. Looking forward to more good stuff from you!

Keep Smokin
Nice pics, Pigman & Msmith. My Dad & I have done one before. ALOT OF WORK!!! The one we did was about 80-100#'s(can't remember). We had leftover pig forever it seamed. Had a great time doing it.

Nice pics


That is an awsome cooker .............. sure your gonna let that go?

Thanks for sharing the pic's ......... bet the family wants a reunion every month now!!!!! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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