Picky (but lovable) wife

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Original poster
Dec 26, 2006
Satanta, KS
I'm excited about my new hobby, but I'm afraid I'll be eating much of the bounty. My wife enjoys brisket but doesn't like to eat anything off the bone, which excludes ribs or whole chicken. She also doesn't like BBQ sauce, which I could drink by the barrel. Consequently, anything I smoke will have to stand on its own with rubs or marinades since it can't be complimented with a sauce. Does anybody have some simple ideas that I could smoke for her along with a rack of babybacks?

Been married some 45 years and my lovely bride is now alergic to onion and garlic.....So you have to adapt a one for her and one for me kind of thing....anything boneless can be done with what you like as long as the start times are altered so it is all done at the same time (approximately)...

Hey look at the bright side you get ALL the ribs and a good woman too!!!!!!!!
Take a few bones and run a knife down them lengthways and let her eat her ribs in sandwich form. Been working out pretty well for Sonny Bryan's I understand.
I slice the breast meat off my chicken for me and the wife and let the kids have at the legs, thighs and wings. You could do a pork loin when you do ribs. Do everything the same way you'd do the ribs.
BTW, true BBQ has nothing to do with sauce. IMO it should be served ONLY for dippin'.
You have a veritable plethora of choices for your honey…boneless chicken breasts, chicken tenders, salmon, shrimp, boneless pork chops, pork tenderloin, smoked canadian bacon-served like ham, tri-tip roast, etc,etc,etc.…damn Iâ€[emoji]8482[/emoji]m gettin hongry! :oops:
prok or beef tenderloin is the best by far. people will not shut up about my pork tenderloin and i do not do any thing fancy at all. put some store bought rub on it (a lot of times it only sits an hour) and smoke it 3.5-4 hours and done.

mouth watering good.
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