picking peppers

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May 21, 2006
Monroe, La
picked enough peppers yesterday to make peter piper happy

Made 2 quarts of pickled jalepenos, 1 quart of sweet pepper rings and strung the cayennes up to dry. Thats just the first picking and the plants are hanging heavy with more that just need to ripen and grow a little bit more.
Hey Rodger, How about sharing some technique and brine recipe?

Every time I've tried putting up japs, they lose their crispiness. Got any solutions?

lol, they don't last long enough to make it to the post office.

The only time I canned them myself I put whole jalepenos in a jar and poured vinegar over them and stuck them in the fridge. Stayed crisp for about 2 years
. Wife took over the canning from then on. She boils them in a vinegar/water brine mix and then cans them while they are still hot. Takes your breath away while they are going into the jars. They stay pretty crisp though and I will ask her what her ratio is.

The sweet pepper rings I make myself. I use 1 cup water to 1/2 cup sugar and add 2 TBS of pickling spice. If you don't like the pickling spice in your jars then you need to put it in cheesecloth. Bring it to a boil and simmer for 3 min. remove the spice if its in a pouch and pour the boiling mixture over the peppers that you have placed in your sterilized jar. Put your lid on and let cool. When it pops you have a good seal.

I like to wait a couple of weeks before I break in to them so they get good and pickled.
Try putting up some pickled green tomatoes and throw some hot peppers in them...Peppers look great, nice color! We just got back from 2 weeks vacation and our garden went crazy. We went through rather quickly and I picked about 10 just from one plant!! (Yellow peter peppers) We have to go through and check more thoroughly, we have 50 plants!
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