pic as promised

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Jan 29, 2007
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this is a pic of the cake my wife made for my step dad she is still learning and is doing it for family and friends she makes me proud she hand draws it all with homemade buttercream frosting that she tints the color she needs Let us know what ya think
Nice looking cake. Two thumbs up for the cake maker. I think if I made something like that, I wouldn't want someone cutting it up.
I love buttercream frosting. That cool whip topping frosting is for the birds!
Great job, pass on our compliments to the artist!
Man that takes me back....

My mother used to decorate cakes professionally and would put together some real hum-dingers. When I was in grade school(think 1968) I was VERY popular!

Wish I still had some of those old pictures....

Tell the Misses she has a real talent!
Smokincowboy, thats an awesome looking cake , my wife decorated cakes for a living for a number of years ,so I can appreciate the work your mrs. put into that cake, it's amazing what some people can do with a cake
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