Peterson Hickory smoked chicken

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Original poster
Dec 15, 2005
Haddock Georgia
I have experimented around quite a bit trying to find out how to perfect smoking the chicken-This homemade recipe of mine comes pretty dawgone close.

Peterson Hickory smoked chicken

2 pastured or free range chickens(thats just my preference)

2 1/4 cups of salt(course salt seems like it works the best but any type will work.)

Hot Sauce( your favorite brand)

1 tablespoon Thyme

1 tablespoon black pepper

1 table spoon of tarragon

soy sauce


The night before you plan to smoke you need to make your brine.

Add enough water to cover chickens in the container

add salt and stir will to disolves

Then add soy souce(add by feel-you dont have to be perfect)

Add hot sauce(make sure you add plenty to get that flavor- a chicken can soak up a whole lot)

Add herbs

Stir brine well

stick your chickens in the brine in the fridge and let soak over night

Next day:

Take chickens out and drain them well

get that smoker fired up

I use fresh cut Green hickory limbs but I rekcon that dried will work.
Use plent of hickory-dont skimp

When you get that smoker joker hot stik'em in

Turn and baste with olive oil every couple of hours

I dont use a thermomater to see if they are done or not- here how I tell
Grab the chickens leg and lift-if it is done the leg will pull off the chicken


ENjoy yall!

Tell me what you think after you try it

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