Pepper Grinder Wanted

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Jul 9, 2005
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Fellow Smokers,
In preparing various rubs for smoking meat, I have often found that a significant (2 Tbs. or more) amount of freshly ground (course) black pepper is needed. Right now, all I have is a basic course grind hand powered grinder .... like you might use to grind some pepper onto your salad during a meal.
I have seen on TV and have also read about either hand powered (but very effieicent) or electric powered grinders .. some with adjustable grinds. This would take a lot of labor out of grinding the pepper. Anybody got any ideas where something like this can be obtained??


Bill Smith
My wife got me a pepper mill that has three settings on it and for the life of me I can't remember the name of it - my CRS (Can't Remember Stuff) is working overtime. I'll have to go home and look at my pepper mill and I post the name of the maker later.

On the first setting I get a fine grind, the second setting is a coarse grind and the third setting it is more of a "cracked" pepper.

I also have a cheap mill that by adjusting the nut ontop of the mill handle you control how fine or coarse you grind the pepper. I like a coarse ground pepper but my kids keep messing with it so I don't know from one day to the next how the pepper will come out. But on my newer mill all I have to do is set the indicator on I, II or III and I know how the pepper will come out.
Let me poke around in the cupboards, but I think that my Bride may have thrown the box away. :(
Here you go Bill!!
It is a Trudeau Adjustable Pepper Mill. It stands approx. 6 1/2 - 7 inches tall and is made of Acrylic.
Hi Bill,
If you haven't came up with a grinder yet. Get yourself a cheap electric coffee grinder...I bet it will do what you are wanting. I have used one on whole cloves and it works great...

Hope this helps.......

Thanks a lot Steve! I still have not foung the pepper mill I am looking for. I'll look into the coffee mill angle. It just might work. Thanks again.
Bill you may want to also try a mortar and pestel to grind enough pepper for your needs .. I use one .. works fantastic.

If it's just a couple of tablespoons, I use one of these...

If I'm making up a larger batch of rub and need considerably more fresh cracked pepper, I use a burr grinder coffee mill... I can grind up to 2 cups at a time in this one.

Thanks for the input and photos. The larger capacity grinder is what I have been looking for. Just as you mentioned for larger batches like in rubs. I'll go looking for the coffee mill. Thanks.
It sure does the trick... I picked it up at a Chef's Catalog sale for $16 about 3 years ago and it's still going strong... I also use it to grind up other spices when needed...

For large amounts of fresh cracked black pepper, I used to put peppercorns in a zip-lock bag and mash 'em with my flat bottomed c.i. skillet. But then the Bride started to complain that I was ruining her counter tops, so now I use a mortar and pestle. I've been looking at coffee grinders to do larger batches. Since we don't drink coffee, my wife doesn't see the logic of using a coffee grinder for grinding peppercorns-coffee grinders sure are cheaper than the spice grinders!! :shock:
Dutch, Taz, et. all,
I recieved the Krupps grinder from I think it was about $17.95. I have used it to grind Coriander for a jerk recipe and Black Pepper for a rib rub recipe. So far, it does exactly what I wanted it to do. That is, grind larger portions of pepper etc. with little effort quickly. I don't know how long it will last (it looks very sturdy) but for now, my need is satisfied.

Thank You!
The nice thing about the burr grinder is that you can set the courseness/fineness of the grind and it is consitant each time you grind... Helps a lot for making batches of rubs and such...

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