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Pellet Grill Pizza


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Hey SMF! Got a pizza thing going on today.
We've done several of these but this one hit on several new levels.
Started with a nice tomato meat sauce my wife made a couple of days back for spaghetti night. She saved enough for a pizza :emoji_wink:
Tomato sauce, ground beef, onions, mushrooms and some spices - it made a really nice meat sauce as well as a great base for the pizza.
She then added a nice thick layer of fresh mozzarella, fresh spinach, pepperoni, ham, and some packaged Italian grated 4 cheese sprinkled about with a few more leaves of fresh spinach and some fresh jalapeños pre-soaked in vinegar. All this with some of Italian spices on top & black pepper.

We enjoyed a nice sip of TX blended whiskey while making our pizza - it has a very mild bite and a nice hint of vanilla 🥃

Then off the the Yoder. I had it set on 425° and it was holding nicely @ 431 when I slid the pizza onto the stone from the pizza peel

Yeah my Yoder 640 has been a science project as well as being heavily used over the last 4 years. It's still running like a champ!!!

I had recently purchased a bag of PitBoss fruit blend pellets so I filled the hopper with them for this cook. The aroma of those pellets was really beautiful. When you run the Yoder at the higher temps it eats the pellets and therefore it produces a very nice thin smoke. It makes for an amazing pizza experience as far as aroma and taste.

PSA - taking pictures with the door open lets a lot of heat go bye-bye ....... My 431° dropped to 401° while I was trying to take picks.
Blame it on the whiskey! Temps did work back up to the 420° range by the time I removed the pizza after 17 minutes in the Yoder.

Money Shot!

Wifey and I have really learned a lot over the years as far as making these pizzas and this was one of our best. Loaded with fresh mozzarella and it actually balanced out well with all the other ingredients.

I still need to try this in the WSM and I hope to when it warms up but these pellet grill pizzas are really fun to make and taste great. If you own a pellet grill and haven't tried this I highly recommend giving it a shot. I think you'll enjoy the experience.

Thanks for looking and fire up those outdoor cookers! Winter is just a state of mind ........ It also helps to live where snow is rare :)


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Man that pizza looks absolutely amazing. Heck of a nice job bud


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I agree . Looks great .


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Now I am hungry! Fantastic looking pizza. Been thinking about what to make this weekend and I think I may have found it.


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Looks perfect, pizza is one of my favorite food groups! It has been a really long time since Ive made my own and even longer since I've grilled it. I'm with SmokinGame SmokinGame , this weekend may be the time to change that!


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Man that pizza looks good. Nice work! I have been debating all day on whether I want to make some grill pizza tonight. This might have solidified it.


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You nailed that pizza! Just can't beat homemade! I'll take a piece and a side of that whisky!



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That is right up my alley Randy! I close enough to come by for a slice:emoji_wink:


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Fantastic, I love a loaded pizza. Plus the Whiskey would help me get loaded also

But really nice looking pizza. What did you use for the crust, Just wondering, looks like it came off the peal and on to the stone real nice



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That Looks Freaking Awesome, Randy!!
Make Great Bear-Bait !!



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looks fantastic! I just love pizza


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Dude i'll take a large with a couple of shots. Great looking pie!


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That is one great looking pizza!! Very nice! I always tell myself that I’m tired of pizza but then when I look at pictures like this, I suddenly crave it again.


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Thanks everyone for the likes and kind words! For those asking about the crust it was a store bought pizza dough from our local Brookshire's. We've tried making our own and between the so-so results and the fact these pre packaged we've found at the store are pretty darn good and just too easy, we just use them most of the time.

Its just fun to get that little bit of smokey flavor that comes from the pellets. I used to work with a guy who said he made them a lot on his green egg and I'm sure these are along the same concept.

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