Peculiar Bbq Round-up 2007

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Jun 29, 2006
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Did the judging thing, it was good! Judged Chicken, Ribs, Brisket, Pork, Sides, Salsa.
It ain't as easy as it looks. Had one sample of brisket that was so undercooked it was like rubber. Had a pork sample that all 6 judges at our table agreed was spoiled. Two of the pork samples were some of the very best I've had. None of the brisket approached SmokyOky's, which has become my standard for brisket. The second chicken sample had a rub with so much heat it blew out everyone's tastebuds. All rib samples were great except one, it fell off the bone when it was picked up.
There was a wide selection of sides, had some outstanding BBQ beans that had real burnt ends in them. Thre were two salsas that kicked butt, one was chopped tomato, avacado, cheese, other things I didn't recognize, in some sort of creamy dressing. The other was black beans, chopped tomato, diced jalapeno, red pepper, onion, cilantro, with a chili seasoning.
No good Q Views, but a selection of different smokers.
Not sure about the last one, it just sat in a parking area and never made smoke. Reminds me of a derilect steam locomotive.




Sounds like the judging was a mixed bag. Some nice looking rigs and that green one looks a bit modular. That old rusty looking one looks like someone abandoned it and hoped no one saw them leave town.
I always wondered how you could eat so many different Q's and still taste them. What do you use to clense your palate between bites?

What do you do when you eat something to hot? Can you spit it out? Are the people there that smoked the food watching you or are they in a different place?
Sounds like you had a good time at the Peculiar BBQ Buffet. Thanks for sharing the pics of the smokers. The one in the middle looks like the counter weight could second as a smoke stack.

I find it strange that someone would actually try to present spoiled food in an event such as this.. did they not notice or just hope to pass it through?
The green drums once held pineapple juice. The empty drums sell for $7. The guy who builds them into smokers sorta patterns them after a BDS smoker, uses exhaust pipe tubing and expanded metal, says he builds one for about $120.00. He said he cooked a brisket in one of them in 2 1/2 hours at about 300°. It took 3rd in brisket.
There was another team using two of them.
The rusty one may still be sitting in the parking area by itself. It would take a crane to pick it up and a semi to haul it.
You get saltine crackers to cleanse the palate and bottled water, and that is all you get. After the hot rub on the second chicken sample (thighs) the rest were hard to taste. KCBS recommends you "discreetly" spit out a sample into a napkin, if you must.
The judging is not open to the public. We were in a large tent with a skirt around it. There were 8 tables of judges, 6 to a table and a table captain at each. 3 KCBS representatives. 38 BBQ teams competing.
Pic of inside the tent.
Hard to say. I would think they would sample their work before turning it in. I know I would if it were me.
Here is peculiarmike HARD at work judging Q. Wearing his Gathering tee shirt, which brought a lot of questions about the forums and The Gathering. The lady behind me really liked the "I rubbed butts with the best".

I hope you told her that slogan was courtesy of the ever popular - near world famous SmokyOky
Hey Mike, do you remember the name the lime green barrel type smokers are sold under. I saw him at the GAB earlier this Spring, but didn't get a chance to talk and forgot the company name before I got home. Just curious if he had a site and was in business.

I have saw a couple others homebuild and use the stack design on the drums. Not sure why, just seems to complicate the simple.
I got his number and am going to call him. He says the tubing regulates the amount of "draw" through the drum. Different lengths do different things, especially the ones on the lid (his comments).
Don't recall the name, there were decals on the barrels. Woops! Partheimers. The decals said "Wild Cat Smokers". No idea about a site or if he sells them. I'll let you know what I find out. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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