Peace, Love, & Barbecue

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AWSUME!!, it's great reading with the added benifit of recipes.
Definately a must read!
Now I'm reading Paul Kirk's book "championship bbq"-very good too!
I'm currently reading Kirk's book too! More recipes than I'll ever do in this lifetime ....
and he's a really nice guy too.

The cool part abour Paul's book CBBQ is there's more than just plain smoked meat. There's alot of side and fancy stuff too.
I also have Mill's book "Peace, Love and BBQ." Just based on the name, I was a little hesitant but I went ahead and purchased it through Now it's one of my favorites. Excellent recipes and stories. I highly recommend it.
Guess I don't need to add a new thread......

Paul Kirk's Championship Barbecue

More than just recipes.... alot of anecdotal information......

Picked this from the plethora of other q books.
I too, have it along with about 8 others. I simply can't get enough of anything to do with BBQ. Its 12:29 AM here and I guess my cat is done fighting with the stray, so I need to hit the hay again and hope to stay there. By the way, I like your, "God Bless". And the very same to you and all other children of God. Terry
It's definitely an interesting read.

But IMHO, it's worth buying just to get Mills' recipe for "Magic Dust" spice rub. Obscenely good!

Forgive me, but I get to brag on this to meet both Paul Kirk and Mike Mills while exhibiting the smoker at the National Barbecue Show in Raleigh, N.C. last year.

Both are down home and happy looking people IMHO. Barbecue does that to ya I believe.

Paul Kirk was kind enough to sign his book for me with a personal blurb that shall remain just that, but I do have to tell you that he was amazed with the smoker, amazed with the moistness of the pulled pork that it put out, and he hung out at our stand asking questions for quite awhile...

Even the legends haven't seen the likes of a self cleaning smoker and I think that's what puts this unit heads and tails above others when it comes to running a business, both from a employee safety standpoint as well as a cost efficiency standpoint. Imagine the accident reports you'd be writing up with a "trainee" smoking large capacities of meat everyday on a charoal or barrel smoker.

I just recently got Peace Love and Barbecue as a gift and it was one of the few barbecue books I didn't have. I think it's a great memoir from an awesome guy with a very cool perspective on friends, family and barbecue. Love the photographic illustrations and the roady feel. Great reading.
Paul pops into a yahoo group I go to from time to time. When I first started smoking he gave me quite a few tips and tricks. A few months down the road I bought one of his books and was talking about how I loved the book and the guy was amazing. I asked if he was the same guy - he simply said yes but I'm a regular guy nothing specal.

He never say much but when a newbie comes in he's right there helping out.
Same with Billy Bones (in the "living legends" section of the book) he is a regular on another forum that I frequent and is one of the nicest and most helpful guys around.

A lot of good people involved in this BBQ thing.
Lance from what I have read so far it is worth the money. I picked it up at Barnes and Noble. I am about 3 chapters in so far. Would have read more but reading on here and typing is keeping me away.
Its a great rub, but you really should pay 10-12 bucks for the book, It is worth the money, quite a few good laughs and tons of good stories.! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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