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Has anyone ever tried making this from scratch.I found a recipe but would like some input if anyone has any info.Thanks,David
I haven't made any, but it's my understanding of the process that you first cure the brisket to make corned beef. Then soak the brisket in several changes of water to remove the salt. Finally add the dry rub and cook to 180*.
David,I just made pastrami using Emeril's recipe.Just go to Food network.Go to his page,type in pastrami.Scroll down to beef pastrami.Man this was some good stuff.If you use this recipe,and can't find juniper berries let me know.A guy from another site sent me some,and I'll send you some.Since than,I found them at Safeway.The only problem that I had was waiting the three weeks,while the brisket was in the mariande.But it was worth the wait :D Hope this helps.
Crush dry rub Internal temp should be 170 F Smoke at 225F to 250F 3-4 hours This also works on chicken, goose, beef etc. But turkey is the best

3 TBL Coriander Seeds
3 TBL Cracked Peper Corns
6 Cloves of Garlic
1 1/2 Tea mustard seeds
1/4 Cup coarse salt
1/4 Cup brown sugar
1/4 Cups Paprika
1TBL Ginger (Ground)

Crush this all together and on turkey (or any poultry - that is all I have tried) it is to die for.
Just trying to revive. I am very interested in smoking a pastrami from scratch and would love some more input/experiences.
Just trying to revive. I am very interested in smoking a pastrami from scratch and would love some more input/experiences.
Smoking from scratch would be using a brisket, you can cheat a bit and use a packaged corned beef. They come out awesome! 
 Hit the WIKI !
I've only made them from whole packer briskets, trimmed seperated flat/point cuts, and brine-cured with Morton's Tender Quick and a few of my personal recipes. Never used any store-bought corned beef, myself, as I can control the flavor profile much more when I cure my own.

Methods and recipes I've used thus far:

My first run is found HERE.

Cherry Spiced found HERE.

My latest with two recipes is found HERE.

Don't fear the whole brisket...corned beef pastrami is just one of the many great things this versitile cut can be transformed into...pastrami has got to be my all-time favorite, though.

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