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    One day a Panda dressed in a suede coat walked into a chinese restaurant and
    > ordered some food. He had some difficulty eating his meal, as his paws were
    > large and he couldn't hold the chopsticks.
    > Eventually he finished, and as the waiter approached, he pulled out a huge
    > silver revolver, blew 6 holes in the waiter, and got up and walked out. The
    > manager, who was obviously shocked and confused, chased after the Panda.
    > "Hey," he shouted, "why in the world did you do that? My customers are
    > terrified, and you killed my best waiter."
    > The Panda slowly turned and growled "I"M A PANDA, look it up!" The waiter
    > was curious, so he looked up Panda in the dictionary. He read:
    > Panda- noun, Ailuropoda melanoleuca, A larger endangered species of bear
    > indigenous to Eastern Asia. Eats shoots and leaves.
  2. HHHm... I enjoyed that.

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