Paint issues on Camp Chef Woodwind 24?

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Dec 7, 2014
Hey Everyone,

Curious if anyone could chime in here...

I was going to but a Camp Chef Smokepro SG 24 wifi for my Father's Day present but they are out of stock, likely until early July. I can get the Woodwind, likely by next week w/ shipping. Honestly, for $200 more, I'm not sure it's worth it for the stainless door, 2 extra temp probes, bottom shelf and color controller...

However, what concerns me is the recent review speak about paint issues with the unit. Looking at the Camp Chef warranty, they don't cover that. Have any of you experience these paint issues?

The reviews on the Smokpro SG 24 don't mention any paint issues...

Thanks in advance for your insight.
No paint issues at all. I have my current Camp Chef WOODWIND WIFI 24 for more than a year and all is fine.
However I have noticed that there is a new version of same that is now sold by CC.
More Money ($1K vs $800) and supposedly "updated".

Interesting. I don't know why, but their prices on the Camp Chef website are all a lot more $ than anywhere else you'd buy it, where undoubtedly they drop ship from Camp Chef anyways.

It was on their website that I filtered the reviews by most recent and there were a lot of comments about paint. :(. Not sure if this was a bad batch or an ongoing issue.

I think I'm leaning towards the SmokePro SG 24 wifi that is supposed to come in stock in the coming weeks...doesn't seem to have paint issues and the "upgrades" for going to the Woodwind don't seem worth it to me for $200 more....
Paint issues is pretty unacceptable for a pellet burner. They don't run that hot. Cheapo Pit Boss cookers don't have paint issues. But if you're aware of the issue, Camp Chef probably is too. Try to find a unit with a recent date of manufacture. They probably already fixed the problem.
My cheapo Austin LX is powder coated and after over 3 years no rust , wonder why?
This grill does have a "slide and grill" feature that allows direct flame to hit the grill. I could see that possibly being the issue if misused. Either way, it is concerning to me and I haven't yet determined if it's a bad batch or chronic issue.
Camp Chef is aware of paint peeling, you just have to send them pictures of it. If it happens to yours they will replace it and tell you to donate it to a local fire dept. or have you paint it and give you compensation for your concern. Their customer service is outstanding is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.