Owen's German Bologna with QView

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Dec 30, 2016
I bought 18 pounds of 80/20 beef when it went on sale for $1.99 like a month ago and about a week ago I used it to make Owen's German Bologna!
The main reason for this post is so I can easily find the seasoning measurements as it can be confusing since Owen's provided different measurements vs what the seasoning stickers say on the package. The instructions they sent me are great flavor, the package instructions would be waaaaay too salty and too much seasoning (not too much cure though).

I formed it into big rectangular logs then cut them into 4.25 inch x 4.25 inch blocks so they would be sandwich size.
I smoked following regular sausage practices except this was not stuffed into a casing because I wanted bread sized slices.

I burned 2 rows of 100% Lumberjack Maple Pellets at the same time for smoke. It was more smoke flavor than most bologna but damn it's good.

Here is the measurement by weight that I converted from their by volume instructions and have confirmed a few times over now.
This information scales up from 1 pound to at least a proven, 6 pounds, and now 18 pounds. Using proof by induction (math nerds out there?) it these seasoning measurements should work for any number of pounds.

1 Pound of Owen's German Bologna Ingredients table
IngredientAmount Weight (gm)Notes
Owens German Bologna Seasoning6gmDoes not contain binder so add that separately.
Owens Maple Cure8gmComes as separate pack with seasoning, is like Tender Quick and is not cure #1 alone but a blend of things and cure #1.
You must use the Maple Cure to get the full flavor they intend. You likely wont get the intended flavor if avoid the Maple Cure and just use cure #1.
NDFM (binder)4.5gmNo binder in the seasoning so buy it separately and add it to the mix. You can use a different binder but I don't have measurements for it, simply use recommended amount of binder for 1lb of sausage or convert this to your type of alternative binder.
Water1-2 flozThey give a range I broke it down to 1-2 floz per pound and worked out great so no guess work needed anymore :) (typed wrong number earlier, correcting now)
Sausage Meat1lbI used 73/27 ground beef because it was on sale at the store and I didn't want to grind anything for my test runs. This was an was an easy, fool proof, cost effective strategy for a trial run :)

  • When using these measurements, you will use up all of the maple cure before you use up all of the seasoning. DON'T try and reduce maple cure as cure is the thing that keeps the meat safe!
  • Packaging measurements are different from the print out of measurements they suggested I follow. If someone follows the measurements on the packing sticker instead of the print out they provide then you will have overly salty bologna
  • No binder seems to be provided so add your binder of preference, NDFM measurements provided above since it is the most prevalent binder used
  • The bologna flavor is great!!!! Just be sure to try the measurements above via a fry test and add more plain seasoning if needed (not more maple cure!)

I highly recommend the Owen's German Bologna for it's flavor. Just be sure to follow these measurements as a base and adjust seasoning (not maple cure) to your taste. Enjoy! :)

Now more pics from my previous Bologna making with this seasoning:




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Nov 9, 2019
Nw Iowa
That looks great! And thanks for the info...will definitely save this one!



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Dec 30, 2016
looks darn good! thanks for sharing your project!
Thanks it is some good stuff!

Awesome looking beef bologna!

I like using Owens BBQ for their jerky flavor packs and sausage making supplies.
Thanks! I have a friend who talks about being a young kid and enjoying German Bologna from a store our hometown and then I saw chopsaw chopsaw mention this seasoning and I had to go for it haha. My friend says it taste just like that bologna as a kid!

Awesome write up!
I will definitely bookmark this for sure!
The bologna looks phenomenal!
Thanks! As you can tell I don't emulsify but the flavor and texture is basically the same, just not a soft pink color and not completely smooth lookin.
It's amazing though!

Sure looks good
Thanks! I'll be having some for dinner :D

That looks awesomely delicious! What size casings? How did you stuff it?

Thanks! The first pic I didn't use a casing, I just took some cardboard, measured, and folded to make a "mold". I think would line it with plastic wrap and start stacking the meat in it and then cover the meat with plastic wrap and press and form into a long rectangular block using the cardboard mold I made.

Then when I put on the smoker q-mats and smoker racks I just went 4 inches over and cut down to make a square and then smoked it all that way :)

The last pics were using 4 inch x 20 inch Fibrious casings BUT the bologna never came out 4 inch in diameter.
I found some larger casings online but they were not the kind that let smoke through and are more for SV type sausage making so I passed on them.
This is why I just "mold" formed to make big enough slices to be like bread sizes.

Looks great! I am sure it tastes the same!!
Thanks! Yeah it tastes amazing!

Nice work and a very informative and helpful post. Big like.
Thanks! I'm glad you found it helpful. The stuff is gooood :D
Awesome post.
Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

That's some good looking stuff right there... great job with the details ...
Thanks! I'm glad the details are helpful for you and hopefully others :)

That looks great! And thanks for the info...will definitely save this one!

Thanks Ryan! I'm glad you find the info helpful. Save away.
Also I tagged the post with "bologna" "German Bologna" and "tallbm" so that it may be easier to search and find on those terms here within the forum :)

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