Overnight Smoking Times with Smaller Cuts

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May 19, 2021
So we have grown accustomed to the overnight low and slow smoke and pretty much do that all the time now for butts and the brisket we did. We are getting ready to smoke a beef cut (not brisket) soon and I had questions on size and time.

For the butts they have been 8 - 9 lbs and do great overnight at 200F or so and just turn up the temp in the morning to get up to stall to wrap. My question is will a smaller cut like 4 - 5 lbs smoke too fast overnight?

We typically toss the meat on around 8 PM and at 6 AM its in the low 150s then just turn it up to get it to the stall. If we toss on a 4 - 5 lbs cut of beef will it be still in the 150 range or will it be an overdone hockey puck in the morning?
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I never really go off of time, but I'm gonna guess that if a 9lb roast hits 150 in 10 hrs, then a 5 lb roast will be closer to done in 10hrs if you figure about 2 hrs per pound at 200. But that depends on the cut as well. If it was me, I would just start early morning.
The answer depends heavily on what cut and what finish temp you want for that cut. If you are looking for a 150F finish temp I personally don't see that as a good overnight cook candidate.
Start it in the a.m. will be the best plan. Be more specific on the cut and you'll get better advice.

Well I have not bought the cut yet so that is my fault BUT . . . for a smaller cut it sounds that an AM smoke start is the better option.

All I know is we want to shred it so we will aim for 205 when we do.
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Well problem solved for now. Went shopping and came home with an 11 lbs brisket and an 8 lbs pork butt. Now just have to decide which to smoke and it will be an overnight smoke this time around.
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