Overland Park, KS

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Jun 22, 2007
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I will be in Overland Park, Ks next week, any BBQ joint recommendations? Also, are there any local sauces, rubs, spices, etc. I should seek out to bring back?

Welcome to Kansas! If you will be in OP, then definately make a trip to Fiorella's Jack Stack. I believe they are at 95th and Metcalf (might be 87th, but I am pretty sure it is 95th). Any local should be able to tell you how to get there easily.

I don't get up to KC or the suburbs too often, but when I do I enjoy their BBQ. I recommend the baked beans. Smokey and littered with shreds of the meat that was smoked. They also have a dished called cheesy corn. Not my ultimate favorite, but still very good.

Hopefully the weather is nice while you are here. We are usually dealing with very high humidity this time of year, so just be prepared for hot and sticky days.
I forgot about the slaw! First place I ever ate cole slaw at. I never cared for it before.

I know we are late in asking, but how was your trip?
Fiorella's Jack Stack is "OK". It's "designer BBQ" Overland Park style. His dad's original Smoke Stack BBQ (long gone) was outstanding.
There are so much better places to go in KC for real Q.
When in KC go to Arthur Bryants. Simply the BEST barbeque. That is what you want, not the foo foo sides. Try both the original sauce and the rich n' spicy sauce. The original is REAL "KC style" sauce.
And KC Masterpiece is not worth the gas to get there.
$.02 worth.
Oh yeah! Pick up some Happy Holla Rub at Price Chopper, couple jars. You will like it.
Alright, I will give you AB as a choice over the Jack Stack. But that is only if he wanted to drive all the way into the downtown region.

At least you didn't recommend Gates. The meat is pretty good, but their sauce is in my opinion terrible.
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