our texas brothers....

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May 5, 2007
standing over the pit- kentucky
DEAN is coming... not paranoia but my folks & friends live in & around corpus christi... y'all will get more rain,surge, maybe even the storm, to those inshore(san antonio-dallas- etc.) lash yer pits down, get yer water,generator, & waders- not to menrion gallons & gallons of off- i'm wishing i was there for the surf & cause i been through a buncha these... i hope for the best & the least- it's a freakin' desert drought here but to y'all... be safe & vigiliant- it's texas' year for something we've never seen before...good luck,god bless, & great slickers.....stay dry & warm my texas family.
wait until wed or fri chris( maybe sunday for you).... i know how this works... i've seen cows 30 ft above the bridge across cameron....i really hope the storm goes way south- my folks (corpus christi area) cannot deal w/ more rain....35" plus in july.....
Yes Gypsy, God bless all you folks In Texas, may your excess moisture come to Montana. May you all be safe! Terry
lol terry- ya know i'm in the 110(see the pic) inthe shade kentucky wasteland... 'cept for the skeeters..i'd love to be in south texas for a hurricane right now- yeah y'all think i'm nuts but rita & katrina..i was @ sea...wet/dry land is easy to ride out....
Just from Erin, the lake by my parents house rose 27 feet (that FEET folks). It had been almost dry and the town living off of well water for the past 4 years. This is all the way up in West Texas about 40 miles west of Abilene. Here's hoping that Dean takes it easy on the coastal folks and drops the moisture where it's severly needed. Also, to all those greedy a-holes of the Colorado river authority who take all the water from those in West Texas and lets it flow down to San Antonio and Austin, Keep yer filthy hands off of this God send.

Just watching the news and I think we will be ok. We probably will see some rain but should not be that bad.(not a weatherman but the one on tv told me). We will see
Best of luck to you all down there. We have great friends in the Harlingen area.

We have severe weather around us right now from Erin. It is pretty wild to imagine a storm that is long since dead is causing hell up here. Them hurricanes ain't nothing to mess with!
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