Our Second piece of Heaven, Little piece on the Atlantic Ocean

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Jan 27, 2021
Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia ,Canada
Our Second piece of Heaven, Little piece on the Atlantic Ocean

Well it is a wonderful day here in our little house as I wake up knowing that last night we finally signed the agreement to a small piece of land here in Nova Scotia.

It has been a rough 3 1/2 months going back and forth with the ( #%#* ) seller. What a piece of work. Thats another story for another day.

It is about an hour and 15 minutes from our place now. Right on the water in water that I know pretty good as we had an RV at a campground there for about 10 years.

It is about 200 deep into the woods and about 100 wide , but the fun part will be the rock wharf or jetty. But it is approx 10 - 15 feet wide going out and about 150 feet out into the ocean. This will be a lot of work but well worth it . It will be used for summertime and weekends mostly . We can take both our boats there and enjoy the clear blue waters off our coast.

Here is a couple shots, The area is called Pleasant Harbour

The view from the property next to the building ( 32' x 32' )


View from half way out on the wharf looking back at the building and my work van next to it on one of my 3 times looking over the property


An aerial view I took off the computer , google earth. Half the property is cleared and the back half is 100 x 100 feet in the trees


We are so happy to find a piece we could afford on the ocean. now off to see the lawyer and get it all finalizes. I think we can start working on it mid May.

He used to be a fisherman and had a very large fishing boat here tied to the wharf , but that was 10 to 15 years ago. Water is very deep and clear all around the rock wharf.

Mona is a happy Lady. i might get lucky this month, lol

DSC_9225.JPG DSC_9248.JPG

Thanks for looking

David.......ps: I guess I am not retiring for a few more years yet.

Even you dont get "Lucky" I'd say your still pretty dang lucky. Thats a great looking spot. Are you planning to build there? I could see a nice patio over looking the water with a kids table and a assigned spot with my name on it!

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What a beautiful spot David and a great find! Definitely looks like it was worth the seller hassles. That's a great hideaway!

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Wow, David that's a beautiful spot to hang your summertime hat, and it even comes with a dog house for when you get on Mona's bad side. Nice find and enjoy young man.

David.......ps: I guess I am not retiring for a few more years yet.
You're gonna have to keep those QE2s a flowing for a while I bet, but it'll be worth it.

I bet if you sweet talked all the carpenters, plumbers, and electricians on SMF. They'd be more than happy to update their passports and trek on up to NS to give you a hand at rebuilding.

Congrats David. Oh man, that is VERY close to my own dream. I know the laws are different but I run a title company and do this stuff for a living. Without any hesitation confirm you have legal access. All the waterfront property here is fraught with weak access and ends in litigation. Also try to get seller to have it surveyed for accuracy. Do NOT assume the lawyer will take care of this.
That water sure looks nice, I’d like to jump in with my dive gear, guessing there’s lots of lobsters around 🤔. I had to look it up on google maps, looks awesome, enjoy!
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First off thank you all very much for the well wishes.
We have been looking for a place on the ocean for many years . well before Covid hit. But once Covid hit the prices went through the roof. With many people coming to Nova Scotia and buying what ever was even thinking of going up for sale.

Well this one fell through the cracks as it was advertised wrong for a couple years and it has its issues. So that is why I think no one gobbled it up.
And the building will either have to be gutted as 1 side of the roof is leaking bad ( for many years ) and the inside is not safe to be in .

I am hoping that i can save the structure and go from there , but if need be ,i will tare it down and build a small 26 x 36 camp/cottage back further on the land. ( the little cottage you can see of to the left from the water is next door , they just use it for their kids when they come to visit. Those folks live there all year long and the road / driveway stops at their house so not much traffic.

I am going down there on Thursday to have a guy that put in the septic many years ago to open it up and inspect it.

Here is a couple more shots of the area. Like I said I have boated in this part of the province and love all the islands and coves and the many public beaches that you can just moor your boat up to and enjoy the sand and sun.
And yes the fishing or just watching the whales , dolphins and other critters.

All these pictures are of this bay that we just bought the land on . Couple at the campground where we were for around 10 years enjoying this area on the far side , we can just barely see the campground from the new land

One of the boats I had , miss that boat as it was a good playing boat. for fishing and pulling up to the beaches or dragging Mona behind on a floaty

boats new and old 002.JPG


This is at the campground, and this boat I bought down in Maryland and dragged home, now that was a fun boat. We could live right on that for a couple days at a time. Pull up close to the beaches on an island and just camp out there.
From this picture our new place would be in the top left hand area, sort of.


This is one of the kids enjoying the beach one day, as we all did. most nice days a few of the boat people would take our boats and head to a beach early and spend the day.

the girls 110.JPG

lola 011.JPG

Even on a foggy day we loved going out and find a little cove and look for lobster.
We would never take them and wrap in foil and throw in the coals to cook. YOU are not allowed to do that LOL



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