our new "country" pit

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Jun 26, 2006
Parkville, MO
a buddy and i have finally decided it was time to "go big or go home" and we scored this pit for a very good deal. we have a long list of mod to do to it before we start cooking on it, first off will be so trash the current firebox and fab up a new one (and ditch the lp totally). when we tried to burn it out the other day we had trouble getting the temp much over 200. the passage between the box and cooking chamber is so low in the firebox that i don't think it is very efficient. were getting excited about the big boy though and cant wait to start cooking on it. we have been joking (but getting more serious) about trying our hand in the competition circuit. here are some pics of our newest team member. looking forward to some thoughts and ideas from my fellow SMFites.



Nice score there Fuzzynavel is the firebox an old water tank. Looks like you wont have to make a lot of mods but for sure a new fire box. How far down does the stack go in the barrel. Does it have a deflector plate under the grates.
on the stack im not sure i will check again next time im dinking around with it. there is a deflector plate under the grates but it was designed for the 2 lp burners that are in the cooking chamber (going to pull them out and maybe reuse them on the front for a fryer attachment or something not sure). we have been discussing trying to convert it to reverse flow or atleast the tuning plate method. i dont know how much science there is in a reverse flow conversion we'll see how ambitious we get i guess. first up will be the new firebox and we will go from there.
SCORE!!!! Very cool fuzzynavel. Got me wondering what that firebox was origanlly.As far as checking out a reverse flow, we'll be bringing down the new smoker to Clinton in July and if your still planning on coming you can check it out then.
tonto it aint no lang :drool: but it'll do ;)
yea i too was wondering about where that box came from, next time i see the guy i will ask him just for giggles. i am still planning on making it down for the gathering, my work schedule has changed and im trying to bargin/bribe a couple co-workers to ensure i will have the days off to be there!
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