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Master of the Pit
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OTBS Member
Feb 7, 2007
Brighton, MI
Blackhawk19: OTBS #084
Big Arm's Smoking: OTBS #085
CrownoverCoke: OTBS #086
Catfish: OTBS #087
Smokincowboy: OTBS #088
Mossymo: OTBS #089
Richoso1: OTBS #090
brennan: OTBS #091
Smokinmeat: OTBS #092
low&slow: OTBS #093

Big congrats to all new members! But......OOPS. Me thinks Dutch needs to renumber though....
Dutch wrote (Post #950 under OTBS sticky)

"Okay, okay-put those dang sticks away!!! Shesh-between them sticks and Ma Dutch's bony elbows, me and my ribs are wishing I still had my Army Flack vest!!

GSG-I miss them whirly rides too, heck I'd even settle for another ride in the back an OH-6 Cayuse on a low level, tree hopping flight with the battle shields down; my first flight like that was a surprise gift from my Aviation friends when I got promoted to SSgt (E-6). They tossed me into the back and said lets go talk to ralph-not Ralph but ralph if ya know what I mean. Kind of spoiled thier fun when I asked "Can we do that again??"

Anyway to the business at hand- seems like we gotta a bunch of folks that feel that some other folks deserve a place here in the bar. . . er . . . ah- I mean a place here in our honored hall (yeah, that's what I meant to say ). So to start them off on a GREAT weekend (I mean heck-gotta give us something else to celebrate since the 1st and the 4th of July have already been celebated), join me in raising a cold one to the following inductees in to the Order of the Thin Blue Smoke- "

Crewdawg56: OTBS #084 (I knew he meant 52)
Keywesmoke: OTBS #085
jts70: OTBS #086
Texan: OTBS #087
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