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Orion Cooker/Smoker


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No I didn't buy one..actually came home and went into cyber-space about this unit. (honestly, almost added to my toys) but something didn't sound right. Mainly the cook time.
So fellow SMF brothers/sisters, I'll stay with what I have. Thanks for the replies.


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Interesting looking gizmo What are they asking for one?

Debi...129.99 ... regular price 149.99


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$129.00 - regular price according to the ad I got. Home Depot never has squat on sale.
Plus they don't have them on the shelf - "on order"
Bass Pro Shops sells them for $149.00.


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I think Jesse would kill me!
I was just looking ... just looking mind you - at a Brinkman smoke pit I think it was called just seeing how they made it, at WalMart today. All of a sudden from a little ways behind me I hear ...

"Oh geeze - You haven't even USED the new one you just got yet!"

I said "I was just looking for ideas for my barrel smoker ..."


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sounds like my missus when i had gotten my 7 n 1

i did make her a deal though... i am not allowed to bring anymore home no matter how good of a deal they are until we get into a house..lol

wow...post 333... guess i am only half evil..lmao


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Here's a thought. Save yourself $100 and buy a metal trashcan and a steel rod. Stick the rod in the ground and put a turkey on it. Then flip the can over it, lay a bag of lit charcoal around it, and waa laa, trashcan turkey. I've read it's actually pretty good.

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