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Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by autoferret, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. autoferret

    autoferret Meat Mopper

    Hey guys,
    been reading on here for a while and looked around and found the wood guide, but i just needed to ask to make sure.

    My parents-in-law have a completly dead orange tree and a dieing grapefruit tree. I had ask if i could cut down the orange tree to use the wood in my smoker. My father-in-law said that he wouldn't recomend it b/c he was told the orange wood isn't good to use because it produces a harmful smoke.

    So i though that i would ask some of the wise and all knowing here to see if this was a good find or just let them both go.

  2. I have heard that it is ok to use but have not tried it.
  3. beer-b-q

    beer-b-q Smoking Guru OTBS Member

  4. autoferret

    autoferret Meat Mopper

    i read the woods sticky but my father-in-law knows way to much trival stuff so i thought i should ask. but what i'll be asking him is if i can borrow his chain saw!
  5. mballi3011

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    Hey auto where are you? I hope your near me cause I would be a friend and take some of that wood for you and see if you can smoke with it. YES you can it's like apple, cherry, pear and other fruit woods. I love them they smoke up really nice with a smooth smoke flavor.
  6. richoso1

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    They sell orange wood for smoking, so I don't think they would make themselves liable if something were to happen based on the smoke from orange wood.
  7. pineywoods

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    Orange wood is good for smoking I know a couple people who use it and I have some seasoning right now. I have also heard the grapefruit is good as well
  8. scubadoo97

    scubadoo97 Smoking Fanatic

    citrus wood isn't any more harmful than other fruit woods.

    I don't know if the tree was sprayed with fungicide would it give off trace amounts. Usually only the leaves are sprayed.
  9. I've got access to several tons of orange wood here in FL if anyone's interested. I'm looking into curing a lot of it and making it available in chips, chunks and logs.
  10. jwbtulsa

    jwbtulsa Meat Mopper

    Man I wish you were closer to me in Oklahoma! I use apple, cherry, and peach. I've had discussions with folks who say you should use them green to get the best smoke. I have always used them somewhat seasoned. I like the mild smoke. Good on lighter foods. Still use Oklahoma pecan and/or hickory for the big packers, ribs, and butts.
  11. Yeah I agree, flavor varies a lot with seasoning. I'm open to sending before its seasoned too. I'm trying to get a feel for if there is any demand for all this orange wood I got. If there is, I've got access to a whole mountain more of it.
  12. mneeley490

    mneeley490 Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    I'm sure there's a market for it. I bought a box from someone on ebay, and used some to smoke turkey legs. Turned out great!
  13. goinforbroke

    goinforbroke Smoke Blower

    I'd love to buy some, but my current stash is pretty big.    I will say this tho.. for pork or chicken, that is one nice smokin' wood.  A little bit stronger than apple, and very pleasant.. at least to my palette. 
  14. domapoi

    domapoi Smoke Blower

    Be careful when using a chain saw, most chains are lubricated with a petroleum oil which would make it not good for smoking. Best to use a clean hand saw made for trees or to completely clean the chain on the saw and lube with a veg. oil.
  15. Oh it is terrible wood for smoking, but it great for turning on my lathe **LOL*

    Need my address?

    Rick (mtgrizzly52)
  16. Hello

    Have used Orange wood many times. Had a job where I would drive past an orange grove on the way to work, once or twice a year the grove was trimmed, I would ask if I could have some branches. They were only to happy to get rid of them. I would take them home and cut them up with a Skill Saw about 1/8" to 1/4" thick over a large cardboard box to try to capture the saw dust and use it for smoking as well. Once the slices were dried they were easy to break up into chips. Have done the same for Lemon wood, both are great with fish and chicken. I've not tried it with Grapefruit.     Happy Smokin!!
  17. Use orange wood a lot, does a great job. Not too smoky, mild but adds a great flavor.
  18. For the short 3 (+/-) years that I have been smoking, I have used nothing but Orange wood. I didn't research it or anything, a buddy of mine brought some over for our fireplace and I though it might be a good smoking wood. That, and to be different. Folks around here in So Cal like to use lump mesquite charcoal because they hear thats whats used in Texas, and Texas knows BBQ. Of course they also think throwing a steak or ground round on the grill is BBQ'ing. As far as cutting the wood...any wood...I never put any thought about the chain saw bar oil being bad. And I own a small engine repair shop so you would think that would cross my mind! Luckily all of the wood I have acquired has been small stuff and I always found it easier to bring out the electric chop saw to cut things up. I have a nice old McCulloch Eager Bever with a 10 inch bar I am going through and will dedicate it to a veggie oil BBQ wood only saw, or a dry saw.
  19. bbqmzungu

    bbqmzungu Fire Starter

    Hmmm..... I never even considered orange wood.  That is one I could potentially get here in Africa.  I have had to do a lot of experimenting to find good smoking woods as none of the normal ones you think of exist here.


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