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    So after the Super Bowl party 2 of my wifes co-workers and one of her supervisors approached me to ask if I would be willing to do some BBQ's for them during the summer.. Ranging from as few as 25 people to upwards of 100 or so. I have cooked for that many several times for church functions doing burgers/chicken/dogs and also did a mens breaksfast for over 300 men at a retreat so the logistics aren't new to me. Amd I've been kicking the idea of doing some on the side catering for friends/family.

    My immediate thought was that I'm gonna need a bigger pit so while the wife and I were tossing numbers around regarding start up costs etc we started looking at pits.. I really like the Yoder Chisholm as I think it would be a good balance between size and affordability. She really fell in love with the Diamondplate Fat50. I haven't seen either in use or had the chance to lay my mitts on either.. Does anybody out there use either one and if so what do you think.

    We are still in the initial planning stages and I'm just looking for info. We've got about 6k that we could invest as start up capital so either one would fit the budget.
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    Have you looked at the Lang 84 Deluxe I don't own one but others on the site do and have reported they are very nice cookers.
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    there is a horizon dealer in oregon which may save you quite a bit in shipping costs. I know a guy from northern cali that actually went there to pick one up because it was cheaper than the dealers around san fran.

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    I got a great link for you. just found this guy. should save you a bunch of money. would you mind driving one down to southern california. trying to figure out how to get up there to get one myself.

    http://www.bbqbytony.com/smokers.htm [​IMG]

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