Oops, what was I thinking?

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Jan 29, 2006
Newbie here, today was/is my 3rd time smokin'.

On the rack: Turkey, 2 Fatties, and some of Dutch's Wicked Baked Beans.

Using Chargriller Offset, this time took some advice from other posts to do a few minor tweaks to my very basic setup before lightin' the fire. 1-invert the charcoal rack in the main body to act as a diffuser and 2-lengthen the chimney so it extends further down into the smoke chamber.

#1 seems to have worked great
#2 I'm sure would also have worked, except I made a nearly disastrous mistake, I put the pan of beans at the end of the chamber and when I closed the smoker lid, the chimney extended all the way into the beans. As a result, I had very poor to no ventilation for 2 hours before I realized my blunder.

The Fatties came out fantastic though, as did the beans. As for the turkey, I'll know in about an hour. I feel like a complete moron, but I'm sure I will never do that again. I know, I should have noticed the lack of smoke coming out the top, but I didn't.

Thanks to Dutch for the great beans and everyone else for the Fattie recommendations.
Welcome to SMF, Waterski. We all make some blunders from time to time. It takes guts to admit it when we do and it serves as a "heads-up" so others don't make the same mistake.

Glad you liked the Wicked Baked Beans! That was an on-going project for almost two years before I got it to where I like it. It's a favorite with the family but I still got to watch the heat thought. :roll: Feel free to change it up to suit your liking.

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