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    First I have got to thank the site for all the references of my build. The fridge started out as a 1951 International Harvester refrigerator. I gutted/cleaned it out and plugged everyhole with guage plugs and removed the light/thermostate and covered it. Next I consulted the forum and came to the conclusion that a 900w finned element would do the trick. I cut a hole in the back of the crisper fo use as somewhat of a drip tray and the glass came out of the original shelf for some expanded metal.

    I had my heart set on a smoke generator, so my dad took on the job of making one. It is fitted with O-rings for a seal like no other and really makes good smoke

    A visit to the scrap yard yielded me some aluminum to fabricate the stack, damper, and the rack holders. Photobucket wouldnt turn the pic for me.

    My dad works as a controls and meters guy so he did some rummiging and found a ABB C50 controler for the PID. He had a timer laying around that we decided to utilize. Both work incrediably well. The pid will keep it at or within 2 degrees while running at any temp you would like. The switches are for power, the air pump, and the timer.

    Last was to remove all the plastic molding around the steel liner and bend up some steel for it. And now all that I have to do is put a cover over the control pannel. Again no turn on the pic

    All in all it turned out great and I can't wait for it to finish seasoning. Feel free to ask any questions and I will try to get em answered as quick as I can.

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