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Dec 28, 2007
Hello all,

I just recieved my first smoker for christmas... its a Masterbuilt electirc smoker. After browsing some threads, I tried a simple rub on both a deer loin and a deer rump (225 degrees @ 2 hours each). They turned out well, but a little dry. Does anyone have any advice/recipes for smokin venison?

Also, I wasn't quite able to achieve the "thin blue ribbon of smoke". I was adding about three 1"x3" chunks of woods every half hour, and there would either be a very small amount or large amount of smoke coming out the damper as well as the door -seam and the chip-loader.

Any advice here would be helpful.
I smoked a deer ham on Christmas Eve. I have some Q view posted on another thread. Was soaked it in a brine over night the covered it with rub and then mopped it with butter and apple juice mix about every hour. I let it go from 7:00 am til about 3:00 pm at about 225. I didn't have any problems with it drying out. If you cant find the posts let me know and Ill send it to you.

I only put 2 small chunks in to start and let burn completely out before adding any more chunks. I ended up with about 1/4 inch smoke ring on the ham. It weighed about 9 lbs and was still bone and everything.
I did a couple of loins Tuesday that turned out really good and moist. I put them in brine overnight then rubbed them down with Jeff's rub and wrapped them in bacon.
Thanks, I am going to try a brime next time, and the bacon sounds like a good way to keep it moist and add flavor

You can also inject the meat and wrap in bacon. The injection and fat from the bacon will help keep it moist.
injected and rubbed deer loin

Then wrapped in bacon..

On the smoker, right side towards the back...

and sliced open and done...
They look great, Boy do I have a lot to learn. I had mine in a MES for 2 hr at 225 degree. they were good, but from the looks of your pictures, i have a long way to go
It took practice and alot of help from my friends here to get meat that looked like that. Keep trying, reading, and asking questions.
We will always be here to help you out.
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