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Original poster
Jul 20, 2007
Moore, Oklahoma
I have been an avid charcoaler for 25 years but never owned a smoker. I have had my eye on a Kingfisher Kooker for about 20 years and finally got one yesterday. It is a 36 inch combo (charcoal/smoker) and I can hardly wait to fire that baby up this weekend.

My neighbor does a lot of smoking and he told me to go to the butcher and get several pounds of fat to burn in the smoker to coat the walls. Anyone use that method?

I signed up for the five day course. Hope to learn the basics there and also from everyone on the forum.

Welcome! NICE smoker! You will love this place for sure.

Can't help you on the seasoning thing. I think I just ran it hot for a few hours before I cooked in it.
Welcome aboard. You can season it dry or spray the inside with PAM or use your buddies process. I just dry smoked my GOSM with hickory and it seasoned up real nice. Let us know which route you take.
Thw SMF is the place to be for ideas, laughs, and just plain fun. Good luck with your new smoker!
Welcome, lets get that thing cured, throw some pork in it and get it
dirtied up and don't forget to post pics
Welcome Jim -

Very nice smoker. You could just spray it down with oil or pam or something like that and run it with wood for several hours. Then add some meat and go for it!
I picked up 10 lbs of fat, a case of beer, a 10 lb bricket, a rack of beef rib bones, a rack of beef back bones and a whole chicken at the store last night.
My neighbor came down and we rubbed the inside of the smoker down with fat, started a fire and cooked the fat and drank beer.
I seasoned up all the meat last night and have the brisket cooking now and will throw the ribs and chicken on later.
This is my maiden voyage, so without a doubt this will be the best brisket, ribs and chicken I have ever smoked.
Anyone remember Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies meeting the hippy while camping. He ask what she was doing and she said "smokin crawdads", he said "groovy".
Welcome to the SMF.

Very nice smoker

The reason for seasoning is to get rid of any bad stuff like oils and the like. that is why you want to get the temps up high enough to burn off the oil
Welcome .. you wil really enjoy it here.. and dang that is a mighty fine looking smoker you got there.
enjoy and i cannot wait to see pic..
Welcome aboard the mighty SMF JimTheStoneMaker!

I love the smoker, very nice indeed! Sounds like you are off to a great start, especially with a knowledgable neighbor at your side... hey, why not get hin to sign up here too!
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