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Discussion in 'Beef' started by graphiks ink, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. graphiks ink

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    I have smoked manyh of briskets but never the day before and here is my question for you. If I smoke a 10lb packer brisket today to temp and wrap and cooler it do you think it would be ok tomorrow evening with  a little reheat? What do you all think would be the best plan of action for this smoking mission. Come on guys I am counting on the A-team for this mission!
  2. cliffcarter

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    You will be ok if, after it cools down, you put it in the refridgerator. If you keep it in the cooler for that long you are certainly asking for trouble 
  3. eman

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    I pity the fool who leaves his meat out to long!!!

     Not a good idea to leave in the cooler overnight.

     Refridgerate and reheat w/ some of the juices from the brisket or low sodium beef broth.
  4. jaxgatorz

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    lol ......  what he said ^^^^

  5. dforbes

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    when I do this I put a pan under the briskets to catch the juices.I usually silce them then put the brisket and juice in the fridge for the night. When you are ready to reheat put the juice in a pan on the stove and bring to a boil. Pour the juice over the brisket and reheat. I reheat mine on the smoker over wood but an oven will do just fine. I am not trying to add any smoke flavor I just like being outside. I reheat at 225-250 until its hot.
  6. newflame

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    I've been cooking the briskets, resting, slicing/chopping, put in a zip lock bag and retain juice, put in roaster/crock pot, put in juice/broth to get warm, then put in cold brisky, presto chango macaroni and cheese, great brisket.  I've done this the last 5 weeks in a row for the farmer's market and we've sold out of brisky every single time.
  7. skillet

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    Remember the safe zone for meat is above 140*. Below that things start growing. With that said I can tell you I've smoked pork butt, double wrapped it and put it in a cooler loaded with thick towels and 10 hours later it was still too hot to touch. Was some of the tenderest and juiciest meat I've made. No one got sick or felt bad, in fact everyone wanted more. Be careful and be smart.
  8. mballi3011

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    What Eman said ^^^^^^^
  9. pignit

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    How long a piece of meat is going to stay hot is according to the quality of the cooler, the outside temp, the towels it's wrapped in.... etc. etc. etc...... I know in my cooler I can wrap a piece of meat and it is still above 140 degrees in 4.5  to 5 hours. I've never held one longer than that. Once you drop below 140 your lookin for trouble.... and you'll probably find it. If I were going to have to wait that long to serve... I'd be coolin it down and puttin it in the fridge.
  10. pops6927

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    Now if you were in Texas this time of the year you'd be wary of overcooking it... might just get too hot.. [​IMG]  !

    Seriously, don't mess with it; cool it down overnight then reheat the next day; under 40° retards bacteria growth.  Plus you get to enjoy all those wonderful aromas while it's reheating... not just yanking it out of a Coleman; builds that "MMMMmmmmmmm!" factor nicely!  One of those roasters that NewFlame shows in his Farmer's Market post is ideal; just pull the cover off now and then for some serious sniffin'..!

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