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  1. I have been grilling since I was old enough to figure out how to light charcoal, cooking over on open fire, and smoking meat for a few years now.
    This site got me interested in dutch oven cooking.
    I have what all of my friends call a "dutch oven" but it's not the camp style, no legs, no rim on top.
    So I've priced them a few times and never justified spending the money yet.
    I was on the phone with my girlfriend the other night and she was talking about shopping around at garage sales, in flea markets, and in some of the thrift stores we have around here.
    I mentioned that if during her expeditions she found any cast iron cookware that was at a reasonable price to go ahead and pick it up for me.
    Especially if she could find a dutch oven.
    As I began to describe the difference between what everybody around her has been calling a dutch oven and a camp oven, she pipes up,
    "Oh, I think I have one of those"

    I was crossed somewhere between 'wow, maybe she really does. maybe she'd let me use it' and 'why in God's name do you have a dutch oven and I don't'
    So low and behold I was at her house a day or so later when she brings this thing up from the basement.
    An absolutely perfect 10" lodge camp oven.
    Never used.

    I'm guessing she must have faired pretty well when she got divorced judging by the fold down camper sitting outside.

    I think I just won the lottery.
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    Score! [​IMG]

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