ode to bar-b-que by lanny joe burnett

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Master of the Pit
Original poster
OTBS Member
May 5, 2007
standing over the pit- kentucky
aint had much luck w/ horses,last 'un stomped my head
ain't had much luck with women,last'un wished me dead
ain't had much luck w/ lots of things
but this i'll tell you true
there is 1 thing i've got luck with:
it's aTexas bar-b-que

bar-b-que's as old as time
the caveman smoked a bit
he could've won the bedrock fair
if he'd just a had my kit

a dirt hole or a metal pit
watch closely while it makes
you'll get a good scald on them ribs
if you've got what it takes

a hickory fire of seasoned wood
a secret old folks knew
smoked until the char is right
it ain't no brie fondue

the brisket stands without the sauce
this ain't no french filet
the meat's a fallin' off the bone
you've cooked "the lone star" way

don't worry none 'bout horses feet
or fret 'bout opposite sexes
get yer pit & fire it up
bar-b-que--done best in texas
-Lanny Joe Burnett
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