Now I Went and Did It!

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Well ya still got all your digits... smoothie ???
... Must be a Tulsa thing. Heal up soon.
well I'd say something like "you dumba....." but then again you already know and have enough pain.........lord knows I've done more then my share of dumb things, even burned myself tonight helping the little lady with pies.........but, all digits accounted for is good enough........
(could be worse, you could be the colorado rockies and trying to explain how it is you just didn't show up for the series at all.......really.....)
and I thought it was bad when I chopped off the end of my thumb with my chef knife.

Hope yer hand feels better soon!
YOUCH!!!!!!!!! That's definetley gotta smart
. Glad to know the doc's gave you a good prognosis
You must be proud of your daughter....sounds like she's learned well!!

Abi, please do not let Jeff near any "sharp or dangerous" appliances for a while.....I'm thinking Starbuck's gift
Well...............What did he say?


Hey jeff,
Hate to hear about the misfortune. Final destination stuff eh?
Sounds like you a little smokie there!Good for her!
Geeze, I'm sorry to hear about you accident. The FlaGriller family send healing vibes! A big way to go for your daughter. Get well.

That sounds like something out of a horror movie! What a terrible visual, good call on not posting the pics.

Hope you heal soon Jeff.
Hey man sorry to hear of your misfortune. Take advantage of your ailment and practise saying..."Honey, get me........"
that's a heck of away to get outta doing kitchen duty!! I'm too much of a chicken to try that!! Heal soon!
This is a strong argument as to why each and everyone of us should be shoveling money into the "tip jar" on the home page so that Jeff can buy a mochachipinnio-coffee-thingy. Times are so tough that he has had to resort to forcing his daughter to make them!

Jeff and Starbucks needs our cash! Look at the consequences!
Well, Jeff, I guess that by now you have taken a heck of a beating and most likely there will be little references to this incident for a long time.

Seriously, though, I really hope that you are comfortable and will mend real soon. I thought about what Abigail said about the difference between your daughter's hands and yours. Praise be that if it had to happen it happened the way it did.

So keep on keepin' on and let that l'il darlin' of yours do a little more 'round the smoker. Maybe she could have her own byline in the Newsletter for kids! I am sure you are proud of her and that the other members of the Phillips Clan are as eager to help and as talented as well!

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