Nothin' BUTT a pork thang

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Jul 21, 2006
Erie Colorado
I picked up 2 6lb butts today. I need opinions on the preperation. Mustard or no mustard first? Season it tonight, or just before it hits the smoke? My only apprehension about seasoning the night before is the salt "sucking" all the juice out. I know that many of you rub the night before, so it must work. But I need someone to put my mind at ease. Does anyone like or dislike the idea of a finishing sauce? I got some of Bruce's Crazy Cajun, any thoughts on using it..?
I don't use mustard, but if you wanted you could prepare one with mustard and one without to compare. Probably need input from ChiBill here...;) I marinate my butts in italian dressing spiced up with warchestershire sauce, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Just before the cook, I remove, pat dry, and rub. But that's just me...
I have only done them as Noah stated, and they were awsome! (this is where I thank Noah)
And I use soflaquers finishing sauce.( a must)
There are a lot of great threads to view on pork butts, so take a look. I promise you'll get great ideas and results there.
I don't marinade and I don't use mustard, I rub just before I hit the grates and my butt has been out of the fridge for 30 min. When you pull it you should use some type of finishing sauce in my opinion. SoFlaQuer's is about as good as it gets :D but some folks just use red pepper flakes and vinegar and that ain't bad either. 8)
Try injecting 1/4 cp apple juice, 1/4 cp cidar vinegar, and some brown sugar. Rub with mustard then add your rub all over the meat and wrap with cling wrap, let it set overnight. And as for the finishing sauce, I never do but I am sure it doesnt taste bad. Either way it will be goooood :P
OK, I scoured the rub postings and took a little of this and a little of that. I created a rub (wrote it all down in the log) and rubbed the butt down. I noticed a lot of rubs with dry mustard as an ingredient, so I applied a thin layer of prepared mustard (since I had no dry). It is wrapped, and in the fridge. To be continued...
OK, up at 5:30. Fired everything up and got the butt on at 6:30. Question; is it too early to have a beer..?

The beautiful thin blue...

More later...
Jmack, You can use the "Ole, It's 12 noon somewhere" excuse and have a beer.. Good luck with your smoke..

Heh, I know I'm a little late, but here goes.

I mustard and rub down the night before. Day of smoke, I set it out to get to room temp, then apply a little more rub before it goes into the smoker.

I might have to try the overnight marinade. That sounds really good too.

Seems you can't really go wrong with a pork butt.
Here's the noon update. Just about to hit 150 degrees, smoker chuggin' away at 225 degrees. Beer at 38 degrees. All is well so far, getting ready for the plateau...

Looking good SmokeMack! I used to do the mustard thing-don't any more. I rub the night before and then re-apply some more rub as I'm getting the smoker ready.

Looking forward to seeing the finished pic's.
Well, my BEST smoke yet! Very happy with the pork! Let it hit 164 in the smoker, at 5 pm. Foiled it, and into the oven to finish (out of fuel for the smoker). Let it go to 196 in the oven, by 8 pm. Rested in cooler for an hour. Bone came out with a twist, meat "shook" like Jell-O. I strapped on a pair of gloves to begin pulling it, and it melted. It was great. I used SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce and it was perfect! Lots left for takin' a sammich to work today, and another for dinner, and another for breakfast tomorrow,...
Thank you all for helping, and making it wonderful for me!! Have a good day and a great long weekend everyone!

Congratulations on a great smoke JMack!!! Looks great, nice to see it all worked out for ya ...

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